Excellence in Execution

Robin Speculand

Excellence in Execution

Morgan James
April 2017

“Given the increasing uncertainty and complexity in world markets today, the ongoing dynamic interplay between strategy and execution becomes critical. Excellence in Execution provides a wealth of practical and actionable resources to ensure that your organization’s evolving strategy can be effectively and efficiently executed. Robin Speculand has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to strategy execution, and his new book could not be more timely. Ignore it at your own peril.”Dr. Tony O’DriscollGlobal Head of Strategic Leadership Solutions, Duke CE
“Going from strategy to performance is hard: Most companies don’t spend nearly as much time on how to get there as on crafting their strategies. Excellence in Execution maps out a step-by-step approach for how not to get stuck with a perfect plan that is imperfectly executed. Full of toolkits and checklists, this book is a definitive, comprehensive guide of how to deal with the Achilles heel of strategy: strategy execution.”Serguei NetessineTimken Chaired Professor of Global Technology and Innovation, INSEAD, Author, The Risk-Driven Business Model
“You will enjoy discovering the tale, the inside story of the case studies, along with the thoughts of Robin Speculand, a pioneer and expert in how to implement strategy. You will be introduced to highly practical toolkits, checklists and templates of tremendous interest if you want to be excellent in efficient execution of your strategy. Let yourself be charmed by the ideas, practical techniques and in-depth stories proposed by Robin Speculand.”Yves PigneurProfessor, University of Lausanne, Co-author, international bestseller Business Model Generation

At a time of tremendous business disruption,

leaders need to execute strategies more frequently
and more effectively than before.


How to use Excellence in Execution for maximum value:

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Excellence in Execution provides a new approach to adopting the right mindset, toolset and skillset to execute strategy. This book is Speculand’s fourth on the subject and is completely new material. It moves from “why” execution is important to the “HOW” by offering tools, techniques, tips and uncommon practices to build your organization’s execution plan and deliver on your strategy promises.

You’re introduced to the language of execution as you learn about Strategy Cadence, Three Broad Themes of Execution, Culture of Excellence, Decoding the Execution Challenge, Eight Disciplines for Taking Right Actions, Why Less is More, 90 Day Chunks, Over the Wall, Review Rhythm, Why You Need to Abandon Yesterday and more.

An amazing guide for you organization’s strategy implementation showing you HOW to succeed.

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