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Boardroom Briefing

This exceptional half day highlights what it really takes to achieve Excellence in Execution and is based on Speculand’s new book Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Your Strategy. A new approach is required as more executions fail than succeed.

As more executions fail than succeed, a new approach is needed, requiring leaders to adopt the right mindset, toolset and skillset to achieve excellence in execution. This exceptional half-day session highlights what it really takes, based on Speculand’s new book Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Your Strategy. The Boardroom Briefing starts with Speculand’s highly informative “Excellence in Execution Keynote” that explains why leaders need to approach execution differently. Packed with useful tips, it highlights areas to address while sharing related examples, stories and research.

The 90-minute keynote also introduces new tools and language such as the Strategy Cadence, Decoding the Execution Challenge, Over the Wall, Mavericks Network, Review Rhythm and the Three Themes Broad of Execution. Created to translate the strategy from the top to the ground level, the Three Broad Themes of Execution are (1) Create Awareness, (2) Build Excellence, (3) Follow Through.

The second part of the session presents an in-depth case on how Singapore’s DBS Bank executed its strategy to become “The Asian Bank of Choice for the New Asia.” DBS succeeded in executing its five-year strategy 12 months ahead of schedule. This case study reveals the building blocks of a successful execution. Bank leaders determined the new strategy and areas of focus, improved processes such as technology, and worked on the challenge of changing the culture and improving customer service. These three areas could apply to any organization, making the case study relevant for any industry. It was written by Robin Speculand and Adina Wong, Singapore Management University.

Presenting this keynote is Robin Speculand, the founder and chief executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, a Global Pioneer and Expert in Strategy Implementation. His work begins as clients are crafting their strategy and preparing to discuss its implementation. One of the world’s most prolific writers and thinkers on strategy implementation, he has published two
international bestsellers, Beyond Strategy: The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation and Bricks to Bridges: Make Your Strategy Come Alive. His latest book is Excellence in Execution –
HOW to Implement Strategy, Morgan James, NY. He also invented the Implementation Hub, the first portal in the world dedicated to implementation.

Robin is a masterful event facilitator and an engaging keynote speaker. His work has been widely featured in the media, including BBC Global, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Sunday Telegraph and
Financial Times.