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Building Your Execution Plan

Leaders have been struggling with the challenge of executing strategy for too long. With more strategy executions failing than succeeding, a different attitude and approach is required.

Building Your Execution Plan directly addresses this issue and supports leadership teams to develop a comprehensive execution plan as part of an organization’s strategy planning. The execution can’t be an afterthought when crafting your strategy; it must be part of the whole planning process.

You’ll find 182 questions about implementing your strategy designed to provoke your thinking and ensure you address all of the required areas to achieve excellence in execution. They have been extracted from my book Excellence in Execution – HOW to Implement Your Strategy. Reading it helps you gain a deeper understanding of the strategy execution challenge.

The 182 questions are divided into the Three Broad Themes required to achieve excellence in execution: 1) Create Awareness, 2) Build Excellence and 3) Follow Through. They have been developed from the research conducted since 2000 by my consulting company, Bridges Business Consultancy Int, and from our work with clients to develop their execution plans and implement their strategies.

As reflected by the high failure rate, executing strategy is not easy. But when you succeed, you’ll have a tremendous payoff. Building Your Execution Plan enables you to deliver your strategy promises to your stakeholders on your implementation journey.

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“Customers notice your execution, not your strategy.”

Robin Speculand